Educated, Secure, Beneficial

Working with C3Techs has been a smart business move for our growing law office. C3Techs has been consistently ahead of the curve, always educated regarding emerging threats, constantly looking for ways to add value, anticipating our future IT needs and network requirements well ahead of the obsolescence of our older systems.

They have helped us build a stable, more powerful and more secure IT platform which is ready and adaptable to future needs. C3Techs truly have the strength and security of our business at heart and it is easy to say “Yes”.

Scott Grainger


Knowledgeable, Quick and Reliable

C3Techs is prompt in responding to issues we may have. The team is knowledgeable, quick and easy to work with.

It is very important for us to know that we have a reliable IT team available to consult with us to ensure we do not have any disruptions due to security breaches, computer and network issues.

Their IT Firm is reliable in addressing any issues we have.

Jane Hickey


Personalized Service, Quick Response Time and Support

Their service and response time are the biggest benefit to us. No long wait times on a support line to get service. I am confident that my staff can call and C3Techs will have issues sorted out while I am away.

They personalize their service with helpful suggestions to improve productivity which no other IT firm has done for us before. I would recommend them for the personalized service alone but also the support for any issues that arise.

Amy Van Ankum

Proactive, Knowledgeable, Responsive

The biggest benefit for us is knowing that our office and our computers are secure and being looked after properly.

C3Techs is better than other IT firms by being proactive and knowledgeable. They stay on top of what’s new in the IT world, so they have the ability to answer questions when we have them and keep our systems up to date.

Corey and his team are extremely responsive and provide excellent customer service and go above and beyond to ensure your questions are answered and problems are solved one way or the other!

Steve Monaghan

Business is Safe With Little Downtime and Quick Responses

Since having C3Techs look after our computer needs, we feel at ease that our business is safe. Down time is minimal, and we get quick responses to our requests. What can’t be done remotely they have come same day for repairs.

C3Techs not only looks after our computers but our cell and phone services as well.

I definitely recommend their services.

Karen Gingrich

Support, Knowledge and Peace of Mind

We have been leaning on C3Techs for a few years now to support our business in our technology needs.  Our business is fireplaces, not computers.  Having knowledgeable people on our team who can fix our issues at a moment’s notice and keep us going is indispensable.  When tech issues arise, C3Techs helps us get back to our business quickly. Thanks, C3Techs!

Woody Dumart

Friendship, Trust and Honesty

We were hit with ransom ware once and I am so thankful that we obviously had the right things in place before it happened, thanks to C3Techs. Our damages were minimal. This experience has made us fully confident in our partnership.

We consider C3Techs as our own IT department. They are part of our team and treat us as if we are part of their own as well. We have a true friendship and trust between the two companies.

We have been supported by C3Techs since 2011, and this is one partnership I am confident we are keeping. We feel we have been well and honestly advised and are well protected now. And the team is just easy to work with, we can be honest with each other even when sometimes some conversations need to be more serious.

Caroline Paquet


Confidence, Security and Personal Interest

The biggest benefit of being with C3Techs is knowing that ALL of my IT needs are being met…security, virus protection, back ups, up to date software, etc. I can’t thank Corey and his team enough for lifting an enormous weight off my shoulders. The pressure of having to ensure all of my company’s IT demands are met without being a qualified tech was extremely stressful. I absolutely trust C3Techs.

I met with Corey initially to determine if the IT solutions he offered via a flyer were something I thought was valuable. During our conversation, I felt more and more confident in what he was offering. His knowledge base was very impressive and the fact that he is constantly on the cutting edge of what’s happening with the IT world is very reassuring. I also appreciate that he is truly interested in what he does and enjoys the constant knowledge he gains so he can share that with his clients. The other IT firms I dealt with never gave me the confident feeling that everything was being done on a top-notch level.

If you have any doubt in your mind that your IT department is not 100% up to par, choose C3Techs. They are honest and won’t take advantage of people that don’t necessarily have the IT knowledge that they have. The cost seems high but when you consider ALL of the complexities involved in keeping your network safe, it makes sense. When I rationalize the cost, I consider what costs would be incurred and damage could be done in the event of a hack or any other detrimental situation. It is worth it. 

Sabina Hentschel

Dependable, Hardworking and Reponsible

One of the biggest benefits to having C3Techs as our IT firm is our team has not had to worry about anything to do with IT. It has really given me peace of mind knowing that we don't have to worry about technical issues.

C3Techs really gets to know the company they're working for. Advising on the best tools to work effectively giving our company the ability to do our job more efficiently. I love knowing that there won't be technical issues, saving us from unnecessary downtime and keeping us productive.

By choosing C3Techs a company’s computer systems will be up to date, their information protected, and they will have an IT company they can completely depend on. The C3Techs team are an extension of your company.

Blair Maye

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